Friday, April 29, 2005

My Tiger has Autism

My son, Tiger, has Autism. I've known this for 4 years, he is almost 7. He doesn't talk. He goes to public school and they do the best they can, and they are wonderful. But he needs alot more. He needs countless hours of speech therapy. Its killing me that I can't afford to help him. I can't afford the $120 an hour. Its killing me. He is So special. I love all my children but he is my heartbreaker for sure. He is a very smart child and he is trapped within himself and My God there is NOTHING I can do to help him out. Do you know whats that is like? I can't help him.

Its all I can do to just keep myself together enough to deal with his problems, and my other kids. And I wonder what God was thinking when he gave me this one. Why give this child to me, when I obviously do not have my act together in these least. Why give me a task that I know I am going to fail? Why break my heart every single day?

Maybe God knows I am the most stubborn woman there ever was. Maybe He knows I won't give up. Maybe its not for me to "cure" Tiger but to love him all I can while he gets to where he needs to be. I am assured all the time by his teachers that he is high functioning, just speech impaired. He is loving ,and smart, and picks up on all sorts of social ques that most Autistics don't. So there is my hope. He can do it. He just isn't.

Every time I bemoan my situation with him I see something that breaks my heart even more. When I think it can't be worse than we have it I see someone else who definitely has it worse. Like the guy who complained he had no shoes til he saw a man with no feet. So I guess I better just stop complaining and figure out what the hell I am going to do about my own problems.

Anybody know of a job I can get that pays $120 an hour?