Saturday, October 08, 2005

No clowns please

Coulrophobia. Anyone who knows me knows I do generally have this fear. I pretty much hate clowns. Don't know why or what happened to make me hate them like I do, but its there. This is not even a fear that I would like to get over someday. I could live quite contently with this phobia.

Claustrophobia is one I would like to get rid of. Its not really small spaces that upset me, but crowds certainly do. Being in a place that I can't readily leave makes me physically upset. My heart starts to beat faster. Ridiculous things like a trip to Wal Mart during a busy time can turn me into a nervous wreck. I've never had a real panic attack, but I have felt just all tied up in knots over not being able to leave a place. I blame it on growing up in Odessa. It was so big, spread out and open. I still really miss living out there on the plains, even though I love where I am now as well.

And now for the Phunny Phobias for today:
Coitophobia. Please. That would be a disaster.
Chrometophobia. Fear of money. Huh?

And finally, some that I put together because they go together well:
Coulrocoprophobia. Fear of clown poo.
Cholerocynocypridophobia. Fear of angry, rabid, venereally diseased prostitutes.