Friday, September 16, 2005

Little Fishies

After reading Big White Hats latest post, I got to thinking about those little ichthus emblems on the back of people's vehicles. The cutest one I saw was a big fish with 3 or 4 little fish "swimming" behind it. The worst I've seen is the one with feet and darwin written in the center. Nice.

So I got to wondering why I didn't have an ichthus on the back of my vehicle. I like decorating my car as much as the next guy. I've got a nice USA sticker. A TX sticker. And a big D. Not for Dallas, or democrats, but for Deutschland. It could also stand for Duh, or Ditzy. But no fish.

Then I read more of his post. Ah the road rage! Very popular here in the metroplex. I engage in the rage every so often. Usually its limited to a few random shouts of *#@!!. Oh who am I kidding? Everday I have snarky remarks for other drivers. They don't usually hear me, but still. If I had that little fishy on my car I'd be pretty embarrassed. Maybe thats why I haven't ever affixed one to my car. There are enough people out there giving Christians a bad name. I don't need to add to the number. Its bad enough I have a problem controlling my tongue and my temper. I don't need to advertise to the world what a bad Christian I am.

I'll let you know when I buy those Ichthuses...Ichthii? Fish.