Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A New Year's Update

Its been a month since I listed my To Do List. Lets see what I've actually done!

1. Take as many naps as possible... Exactly 2.
2. Pay all my bills on time... Yes!
3. Read an entire, no, but I bought one.
4. Clean out the garage... Started on it. Got through 4 big totes of old toys.
5. Tame the pile of papers that invade my countertops...Did you know leaving papers on any flat surface causes them to multiply?
6. Cook for my family at least 5 times a week...the record stands at 3 times in a row.
7. Call my mom at least once a week... I sure did!
8. Have as many massages as possible...unforunately, not a one.
9. Paint the inside of the house... Ibought all the stuff primed one wall. Woo Hoo!
10. Archive the family photos, scan everything, save everything...I got one very important picture restored.
11. Start a savings account for all the kids...not yet.
12. Start a savings account just for me and the hubby...also not yet
13. Carry my camera with me everywhere...nope
14. Get my nails done at least twice...I got them done a week ago
15. Go visit my grandmother...planned for February/
16. Stay in touch with old friends...already missed one call.
17. Stop using the words %$#@!, @%&*@!, and @#$#! so much. Crap!!
18. Try not to kill any plants... well, Hubby saved it. Bless his heart.
19. Plant flowers. Too early or the ones I want... Bulbs go in by the end of the month.
20. Jump on the trampoline with my kids...Boing!
21. Pray more often...I'm ashamed to say that I haven't. But I know I have been prayed For.
22. Shop less...Right!
23. Drink less...Dr. Peppers...still drinking them but not as often.
24. Learn to do something new, like knitting...haven't made the time, yet.
25. Delegate chores to the kids and keep up with their allowances...This is harder than it sounds. They have been helping more, and I am really proud of them for that!