Sunday, May 01, 2005

Can I get personal?

Should I get personal? Should I just write about meaningless crap? Craptastic events of the day!

Really, I enjoy writing, but I really enjoy reading other people's stuff. I think maybe deep down I am a little evil though. I have these terrible urges to leave snarky comments on peoples blogs. I haven't really said anything too bad. But boy that Anonymous button sure does tempt me sometimes.'s personal tid bit of information on me is...I'm an only child. Shhh... don't tell anybody. I love reading those books on birth order and how "onlies" are just kinda out in the wind, anti-social. Spoiled,lonely, self centered. I think the writers of thos books are First borns. HA. I want to see a book on birth order pop psychology written by an "only." Pop psychology fascinates me.

well, the dryer is buzzing. back to the laundry...