Friday, October 21, 2005

Nothing Quid Novi

What are you doing here? I have nothing good today! Probably not tomorrow either. I can't seem to settle down enough to put together a coherent, interesting post.

Hubby brought up something the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. If the Oil business (Oil Bidness) picks back up in Texas we might be moving home. Odessa. Our folks own a home there. I would LOVE to go back. I love that house. Its huge. We still have a bunch of friends there. It would be a financially advantageous move if the job was good enough. Odessa has the friendliest people and the best Mexican food, ever!

I love Plano, and North Dallas in general. But Odessa is just a place I can't explain. I grew up there. I found beauty in the things that were not immediately recognizable as beautiful. It was the plains/desert. I'm still in love with the biggest sky I have ever seen. The sound of the wind whirling outside my bedroom window was one I used to hate. Now I miss it. Now the sound of the wind soothes me on the rare occasion I hear it here.

I really have no reason to be homesick. I am content here. The few times I had brought the subject of Odessa up to hubby he quickly dismissed it. I was just nostalgic for the home that doesn't exist anymore, he'd say. So this new possibility just threw me way off. Was he missing it too? Is he really just thinking ahead about his career?

I have to go think about this some more. Shame on you BWH. Now you have the wheels in my head spinning.