Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Need A Sthecond Opinion!

Dear Dr. Lipshith,

I am writing to you regarding your rethenth diagnothithes regarding my Thpeech Dithabilty. I wholeheartedly dithagree with your sthupid athethment of my stho called listhp. Perhapth you should athk your quethtions when I am not sthmoking sthigaretths. Thith was very irresthponthible on your part. Everyone knowths your lipsth don't exherthise a full range of mothsion while sthimulthaneousthly sthpeaking and sthmoking sthigaretths.

Althso, your sthutteringh made you very hard to understhand. Perhapth it ith YOU who hath a Thpeech Dithabilty. I sthrongly suggesth that you rethiefe sthpeech thherapy posth hasthe or sthooner.


Stheven S. Guestht

P. Sth. I thought your Rethepthionistht wath STHUPER STHEXTHY! Pleath sthend me her e-mail addreth. Thank you in advanth.