Monday, May 09, 2005

Things that make me wince

I am feeling like a judgemental little monkey today. I just have those days where I want to call almost everybody a name (Dumbass is a favorite.) One of those days that my face can't settle down into a warm smile. No, its too busy scowling, scrunching up eyebrows,pursing my lips, and rolling the eyes. Its just me.

So I am thinking if I put it all down in a list, it may purge my brain a little and I will feel better. Maybe.

Lets start with...

1. Midgets doing termite commercials. God I hope thats only local DFW TV, not national.
2. Actresses portraying women in labor on TV, or in movies.
3. People that stay together for the kids.
4. People who equate their pets with my kids.
5. Feminine hygiene commercials.
6. Male erectile dysfunction/enhancement commercials.
7. Single people that give marital advice.
8. Women who've been cheated on, more than once, and don't know whether to leave or stay in the marriage.
9. Men who have cheated on their wives multiple times but want to stay in the marriage.
10. How Dr. Phil's is getting very Springer-esque this year.
11. Mullets.
12. Country Music.
13. Recording artists that feel they need to be political.
14. Teenagers that over pluck their eyebrows.
15. Women that wear their pants so low that I can't help but see their midsections.
16. People that play their car radio so loud that it shakes my car. Or my house.
17. Pierced tongues.

I could go on. But I will save it for another day that I'm feeling like this. Coming soon.