Saturday, October 22, 2005

Exterminate White People?

I read this article yesterday on World Net Daily. I read it twice because I couldn't believe it! I thought white people were supposed to be the racists? The frightening part of all of this is that I know there will be people out there of every color agreeing with this guy! They'll say whitey deserves it. They'll say he's like this because we oppressed him. They'll probably leave snarky remarks on my comments section or even better, take my words here and post it on their own blog, and write about what a Bigot I am to have even posted this at all. I don't care. Bring it. (No one reads your blog anyway.)

But you have to wonder about what was going on there that night. Was it an all black audience? Were they all black? Were any of them bi-racial? What was he thinking saying such crap to people? 'Please help in the cause, kill a whitey today?' He's saying this is justified because we whites are trying to "kill them." He says we whites are "plantation masters." This is a college professor, guys. Read the story.