Monday, February 13, 2006

As recently as 2001 I was still a computer novice. I didn't know much about computers and was content to stay that way. My husband, on the other hand, knew everything about computers. His knowledge so surpassed mine that I often felt technologically challenged. I felt Inferior.

Even now he paces behind me as I type using only my two index fingers. He pretends not to cringe as he he casually watches this horror of keyboarding. He out types me. He out words me. He outwrites me. He out speaks me. He out cooks me. He out drives me. He out photographs me. He just about out does me on everything. Especially computers.

But today...Today was my day of reckoning!

How patiently I waited in the car with the children as dear old hubby perused the computer goods mega store for our new wireless keyboard. And what spring in his step as he confidently swaggered back to the car, prize in hand. How his big white hat gleamed in the late aternoon sunlight!

He hopped in the car and I anxiously looked to see what he had bought. "Only $39.99..." I exclaimed, trying to hide how proud I was of his judicious use of our money. "Yes, and here is the receipt for the rebate." He offered. "Twenty dollars!" I gushed. But wait! I opened the box right there to make sure we had a rebate form. There was none. He ran back in to get the form. Minutes later we were headed home.

It was like Christmas, with the unwrapping of all the little parts. Everything was sorted. Batteries were in. Plastic wrap was neatly laid out on the couch. All that was left was to hook it up. I was at the table about to fill out the rebate form.

"AWWWWWW..... HELL!!! Who on earth still uses PS2?!"