Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Inconvenient Truths...Of Working Out

  • Foretting your MP3 Player makes you painfully aware of your surroundings.
  • If you have a little blister on your foot when you get on the treadmill, you'll still have it when you get off the treadmill.
  • When there are 3 different shows on 3 different televisions, you can't help but try to watch all 3.
  • Big muscle dudes look strange in business suits.
  • Teen age girls are not really there to work out.
  • If your bra size is less than a B cup, you still need a bra.
  • Big hoop earrings and a face full of make up won't make you sweat less.
  • You can see 2 fast food restaurants through the window from the treadmill.
  • A small part of you always fantasizes about bringing your dog to walk on the treadmill next to you.
  • The air conditioning works great. I saw more nips than when I was a new born.
  • There really is such a thing as being too tanned.
  • I can't tell what that tattoo is. She must have gotten that before she chunked up.