Sunday, May 28, 2006

Love Letterth

The Following is an E-mail to Stheven S. Guesth from The Sthuper Sthexy Rectheptionisth, Sthusthan Sthone:

Dearesth Stheven,

I am ever stho flattered that sthomone shuch asth yourthelf hath notithed me. Often timesth thisth offith isth stho bithy, no one payth much attensthion to the sthaff.

I've had a sthecret crush on you from the moment I firsth heard your beautiful voith. But I wath too shy to sthay anything to you in perthon.

Now that I know that you have sthome interesth in me I felt I should take the firsth sthep to break the ith.

Usthually, my slithe lisp isth sthomwhat of a turnoff for mosth men. But I think in thith casthe, it isth mosthly a bonusth. I can't tell you how much of a releif it isth to have stho much in common.

Pleath feel free to call me at my housth anytime.

Hugth and kistheth,