Monday, May 09, 2005

More Lists

Did I mention I love lists?

This one is going out to my friends who may or may not already know these things about me. Like everything else in my life, its not complete.

1. I never went to my highschool prom.
2. I graduated from highschool a semester early.
3. I can sing, but have never sang in public. Or Karaoke.
4. English is my second language.
5. I play with my ears to relax or fall asleep.
6. I really still love Duran Duran.
7. I love bald guys with goatees.
8. I am a sucker for a really pretty face.
9. I think Brad Pitt is overrated.
10. Brown eyes are my favorite.
11. I eat sunflower seeds faster than anyone I know.
12. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
13. I have had 13 different jobs.
14. I love Martha Stewart.
15. I am a dog person, but I like the cats too.
16. I think Rush limbaugh is funny.
17. My dad's name was Wolfgang.
18. I'm a good speller.
19. My oldest son wants to be President someday.
20.My left foot is slightly larger than the right one.
21. Same goes for my boobs.
22. I've been told i think like a man. I take that as a compliment.
23. Rodeos get, rowdy.
24. I hate trendy kid names.
25. I love being a Texan.
26. I love being a Scorpio.
27. I really want to be on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
28. I like Eminem.
29. I am truly not a morning person.
30. I never went to college, and it bugs me.
31. I hate poetry.
32. I have had 16 dogs, and 2 cats. Not at the same time.
33. I have lived in 33 different houses/apartments.