Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another Breakup Letter!

Leece said...
*sigh*I'm about to write a break up letter to Wal Mart too, only mine will go something like this: *ahem*Dear Wal Mart, You know, loyalty is one of my better traits... it doesn't seem to be one of yours and I'm tired of it.Why, just last week, I was in your grocery isle, cussing you for not carrying the very basics. I mean, when I'm looking for an original brand of chips or hamburger helper or even just a loaf of bread.. you're not there for me. Your aisles are empty as if you're laughing at me and flipping me the bird. I hear you giggling at me as I walk out of the aisle.. I hear you snicker when I sigh loudly because you don't even have freakin' plastic spoons for me to buy to carry to work to eat my Lean Cuisine that incidentally - I had to sift through the frozen foods counter in hopes of finding it.Yeah, I made that second trip back this morning just to check and see if your counters had been stocked, but alas, you just covered the empty shelves with more of the 'other type' rather than what I really needed. So guess what, Wal Mart? I cheated on you. That's right.. I slipped out and sleazed myself over to Target. And it was so gooooood. That bright orange decor was a nice change, and there.. sitting on the shelf, was the brand of STUPID KOTEX that I needed. That's right. You may screw me out of my chips or my hamburger helper or even my loaf of bread, but by God, when it comes to my time of the month, don't F*** with me.Sincerely, Leece