Sunday, November 13, 2005


I heard someone I respect say that little girls grow up to be women searching for a replacement for their Dads. They look for a father figure for their own future kids. Which got me to thinking, what if the girl had a terrible Dad, or none at all? Would she know what to look for? Would she always be searching for something that she just doesn't know? How would she know what exactly to look for?

Unfortunately I fall into both those catagories. My real Dad died when I was an infant. I dreamt of him alot. I wondered and daydreamed about what he might have been like. I guess you could say I longed for him. The only positive father figure I had was my grandpa. That only lasted 'til I was 4. Then we moved far away.

After that I had had a step father, briefly, who was just bad. The worst part was that I loved him. I wanted a Dad. Just a regular Dad.

When I was old enough to date, I dated completely different types of guys. Even some that had my friends and family really questioning my sanity. I was looking but I didn't know what for!

And now I worry about my oldest daughter from that first marriage. If she goes looking for a replacement for her dad, she'll be bad off. He's not a nice person. Actually he is a jerk. And thats being kind. Hopefully she will take the positives she gets from her step dad and apply that in her life.

Here's to good Dads!