Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That's depressing

I've been in a depressed funk for the last few days and couldn't make myself write anything worth reading. I'm so tired of dealing with life.

I'm having trouble with my ex husband. He has custody of our 13 yr. old daughter and he is just such an ass when it comes to visitation. I lost custody of her when we divorced. I was not a bad mother, but when I left him, I came home toTexas with my daughter. I left him in Phoenix. Then he filed for divorce on me before I could file for divorce on him, and the AZ court demanded my daughter's return to AZ. The court delayed our divorce proceedings 4 times, and after almost 2 years we were finally divorced. I lost her because thet court found that he was "more stable" because he had a house, and I was the one that left. 3 months later he was living with a woman and her daughter in an apartment. But the court didn't see that. She wasn't school age at the time so all the divorce decree said was that I get her for 2 weeks every 90 days. When she started school he dictated when visitation was. I couldn't afford to get a lawyer and take it all back to court. Every time I threatened to, he threatened to not let her see me at all.I have put a recorder on my phone to capture the ridiculous stuff he says, so that the next time we are in court I can replay it for the Judge.

We have "joint" custody but I usually only get about 8 weeks a year. I should get way more than that but the system in Arizona is beyond screwed up. This last time I sued him for custody, after he kept her from me for 10 months, I asked the court to give us a written custody agreement. They didn't. So basically, her dad gets to decide how much I see her. And even the year I didn't get her wasn't enough to get him in trouble with Arizona. See, he started her in counselling a few weeks before the scheduled visit. The court bought that she was "stressed" about coming to see me. When what she was really stressed about was her dad's marriage. A few months after the counselling was over, he was separated. Now he's going through a divorce and even with all that, the court still thinks she should stay where she is. Its perplexing to say the least. The outcome was a shock.

Later I looked up this Judge, and she is fairly new. She's only been a judge for 2 years. I just can't believe she didn't even see fit to get a written visitation schedule, when that was so obviously our problem all along.

My daughter is under the impression that she can choose whether to see me or not.

This year I get to see her this summer and a few days at Thanksgiving. Thats it. Thats all.

Thats sick.