Thursday, May 12, 2005


I can't believe how tired I am this morning.

Those dogs next door are pure evil. Everytime I even came close to falling asleep they'd go at it again.

So I finally call the cops at 2:30. It got much quieter around 3:00 so I thought, "Ahhh...he must have talked to them, it worked!"


Around 3:25 their puppy starts doing its puppy whine. SO I call the police, Again. This time I say yes, I do want to talk to the officer. He's at my door by 3:55 and says there is pretty much nothing he can do. He knocked on their door and they didn't answer. He looked back there to see if anyone was our there for the dogs to be barking at. Then he gives me the number for Animal Control to call in the morning. The whole time he is on my front porch its dead quiet, peaceful even.

My son is already asleep on the couch for the night. So I begrudgingly head back to my bed. I must have fallen asleep around 5 or so. They did indeed start barking and whining again. But I somehow got an hour in there. The alarm went off at 6:20.

I have to be on the highway on my way to work by 8:30.Lets hope I don't fal asleep behind the wheel. By the time I get home from work it will be 1:30, and I have to get Alex at 2:45. Then all my kids will be home and I won't get a chance for sleep til tonight. And we all know what tonight is going to be like.